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Don’t Settle For Comfortable

There is something right now that you should ask your wife, but for a number of reasons, you're afraid to do so. I think...
Men, Women, and Our Differences

We’re Not Just Different In the Pants

Men and women are different. Saying that feels politically incorrect, like I'm making a huge stand and saying something controversial. It's a truth that...

The Impossible Task of Defining Men

What is a real man? Right there, in that loaded question, all sorts of thoughts and feelings erupt. Ask men that question and you'll get one...
Sound Like You Love Your Kids

Sound Like You Love Your Kids (Or They Might Start to Wonder)

When I see my three year old pull my five year old's hair for the thousandth time, while I'm trying to do something that...
Men and Authentic Friendships

Men and Authentic Friendships

Friendships are important, and to a lot of men they don't come naturally. We're already not very good at communicating and being open when we're in...
Being Open to Change as Men

Being Open to Change as Men

Change is difficult. It's even more difficult when someone tells you to change. Your ego kicks in and says "I'll change when I want...
Men and Starting a Journey

Starting a New Journey

I don’t know where the spark came from. Maybe I’ve missed writing. Creating. It’s been years since I stopped actively writing on a personal...