Why is Nate in Progress?

I’ve enjoyed writing for a long time now. In my twenties I had my first blog, back when blogs were cool. I wrote a sci-fi novel, mostly just to see if I could. Then I wrote some math materials to sell and see if could actually make some money. That was fun, but it didn’t scratch my itch to write.

So I started a new blog, and I called it Of Life and Men. It gave me an opportunity to write again and explore what I believe, and writing about men seemed like a good angle. It also gave me a means to process the journey I’ve been on for the last few years. In my twenties, being right was the number one goal. Now, in my thirties, being better is my goal. I want to grow as a Christian, husband, and dad, and writing is one way I can do that.

I thought making the site not about me would be a good thing, but that also made it hard to find my voice. Or it’s like I had a voice, but I was constantly trying to squeeze it into some mold that it wasn’t made for. I needed to be myself.

So Nate in Progress was born. I’m just a guy, trying to love like Jesus, and positively impact the people around me. I want to grow, and I want to invite people to listen as I go on that journey. I’m absolutely a work in progress, and as I wrestle with topics big and small, I want to be as honest as I can on the internet. I’m openly admitting that I don’t have all the answers. Of course I believe things, just like I’m sure you do, but I’m not here to hit you over the head with those beliefs. There are plenty of people willing to get on a soapbox and yell about what’s wrong with you (and nobody wants to listen to people like that).

Thanks for being here and joining me on this journey.

Nathan Charlton