In my previous blogging life, we had a fun community of people that all knew each other. Somewhere along the line I appointed myself the keeper of the blogs. I even tried shaming people into blogging with a “dead friends” list. I was a terrible and power hungry person. Today I wanted to share with you some blogs that are inspiring me in more ways than one, and they are all inspired by their faith.

Almost all the people that were blogging back in the blogosphere of the early 2000’s have stopped, but I have a few new ones to follow! What’s also interesting this time around is that everyone seems to have found a niche. Personal blogs of your random daily life morphed into Facebook. If you’re going to run a blog in 2017, and routinely post, you’ve got to have a unique angle that people want to read about. So without further ado, here are some of the blogs I’ve been reading, and how they are encouraging my own writing.

Stephen Pate

Stephen Pate has been blogging since 2009, and I think that makes him the longest active blogger on this list. As a pastor, I appreciate his knowledge about faith, and the gentleness with which he writes. Even though he’s been around a while, I’m only now starting to read his blog on a regular basis.

Faith is one of the three main focuses I’m trying to incorporate here on Of Life and Men. Reading his thoughts on faith and how it should influence our lives is inspiring. He tackles a lot of topics, but I think he has a knack for finding ways to insert God and faith into our daily lives. Our belief in God isn’t some end game that doesn’t matter until the day we die. We should have a faith that changes how we live, and Stephen always has some great ideas on how to better ourselves.

One of the biggest takeaways I have is how sincere and kind his words are. While I’ve only had a few face to face interactions with him, there’s a genuineness about him, and this certainly comes through in his writing.

Amy In Ecuador

Amy In Ecuador has been several places, but currently she is in Ecuador. Based on the great work she is doing there, and her passion for service, I have a feeling she will be there for a while.

I’ve known Amy my whole life, and she was one of our original blogging crew. I’ve had the pleasure of starting a bible study with her, and I’ve seen her live out her faith for years now. Through missions, she developed a love for Ecuador, and started an organization called The University Project. She recognized a need to help young people go to college, establish careers, and change their future. Amy worked on this passion from the states, but eventually decided she needed to be even more involved. This past year she moved to Ecuador so that she could actively love and support the people there. She is taking Christ’s mission to love others seriously, and it’s so inspiring.


Beautiful Disconnect

Beautiful Disconnect is written by Linda, a friend I’ve known since middle school, and it’s also the newest blog on this list. I’ve always known she was a great writer, so I’m excited that she’s found a passion to write about.

As the mother of an autistic child, she has a unique perspective to share with the world. I love that she is open about the journey they are on as a family. She’s honest about her feelings, their challenges, and her love for God shines through. I think it’s awesome that Linda is choosing to use their experience as a family to help others.

Blog Friends 2.0?

I look forward to following all these people on their journeys. Their self-reflection, the ministries they are running, and their non-stop grappling with life and tough issues. I’m inspired by people that live their faith and challenge me to be better. I encourage you to give their sites a read, bookmark them, and join them on the ride.

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