I don’t know where the spark came from. Maybe I’ve missed writing. Creating. It’s been years since I stopped actively writing on a personal blog, and even longer since I finished the most underrated sci-fi novel of the modern era. Perhaps I’ve grown tired of the shallowness of most conversations on social media. And even if I could pinpoint why I felt compelled to write, it wasn’t immediately clear why I wanted to write about men’s issues and start this journey.

As a man I am blessed with the awesome responsibility of being a son, friend, husband, and father, and I want to be great at all of them. I’m usually not, but I have a desire to be, and I think most men do. Maybe I could put something from brain to keyboard to screen that would actually make a difference.

The idea seemed like a no-brainer. There are tons of men that want to read about themselves! Women would love to read about the deep intricacies of the male mind! Everyone in the world would want to read a blog about men! Except babies. I know babies can’t read. Men aren’t that dumb. Your preconceived notions have been destroyed!

But as I pondered the purpose of the blog, my brain started to hurt. How on earth do I write a blog for men when there are so many different kinds of men? They have different values, politics, religions, life experiences, and interests. Should I narrow my focus and only write about fatherhood? How do I boil men down to blog posts without stereotyping the heck out of our entire gender? I’ve bitten off way more than I can chew!

And then I had an epiphany. I cannot speak for all men. I can only speak for myself. My goal is not to tell men who they should be, but only who I want to be. Some people will agree with me, and some won’t, but I hope to present ideas in a way that welcomes dialogue. With that frame of mind, I hope that I can delve into some meaningful discussions about life and men, and embark on a journey that will make me a better man. And just maybe, if I do a decent job, I won’t be on that journey alone.


  1. I will throw out a topic. My daughter has a newborn baby. Her boyfriend, the father of the baby, seems to have been born in the 1920’s. He refuses to change a diaper or help in any way. I want to talk to him and tell him what the definition of fatherhood is. I am being told that will do no good. Young men in your 20’s- Would you listen to a 54-year-old?

    • I’m 21 and I would definitely listen to a 54-year-old, even more so if it’s my girlfriend’s father! Depends on the guy though. I was taught differently. He definitely needs to start helping.

    • That’s really interesting. Something like helping your wife, and sharing the workload…seems like such an obvious thing to do. Does nothing but show love for her and the baby. Would be interesting to hear why…maybe he’s just afraid.

      As for talking to him about it…”in-law” relationships are really interesting! Those relationships probably run the gamut of being terrible to amazing. I love that you want to talk to him. The next part though is the very thing I posted about today. How do you have that conversation so that it will be well received? How do you approach that conversation with love and kindness so that he even considers what you’re saying?

      Good luck sir. 🙂

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