Sunday, July 15, 2018
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The Nashville Statement: We All Have Work To Do

I’m used to the world being polarized when it comes to politics. I’ve seen it ever since the hanging chad fiasco of 2000 when...

Male and Female He Created Them, And Many Were Offended

Men and women. Sex and gender. Something that has been straightforward for years is all of a sudden being turned on its head. It’s...

Men and Women in a Donald Trump World

I’m a huge fan of marriage, and as I learn more about what a healthy marriage looks like, the more I realize that men...

Raising an Empowered Daughter Who Isn’t a Victim

We communicate to our kids how we believe the world works. We pass down to our children our beliefs about people, truth, and opportunity,...
Men, Women, and Our Differences

We’re Not Just Different In the Pants

Men and women are different. Saying that feels politically incorrect, like I'm making a huge stand and saying something controversial. It's a truth that...