Saturday, February 17, 2018
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I Don’t Feel Very Cool, and That’s My Fault

Lately I’ve had this feeling that I’ve been trying to understand: I don’t feel very cool. It’s really weird, because “being cool” is something...

The Power of Saying “I Was Wrong”

Being wrong is really difficult, because we think being right is really important. We tie our sense of self-worth to all sorts of external...

Men Can Have BFFs Too!

Women are pretty good at the friend thing. You will go to the bathroom, even if you don't need to go, just to provide emotional support to each...

Don’t Settle For Comfortable

There is something right now that you should ask your wife, but for a number of reasons, you're afraid to do so. I think...
Men, Women, and Our Differences

We’re Not Just Different In the Pants

Men and women are different. Saying that feels politically incorrect, like I'm making a huge stand and saying something controversial. It's a truth that...